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Public Safety Check is a full featured vehicle inventory control system. Official department mandates require a regular and comprehensive inspection on all aspects of your gear and vehicles. Public Safety Check makes that easy.

There is no need to use paper and pencil anymore, the platform provides an easy interface to indicate an inspection of the visual status and functional status of any item in your inventory. Not only can you verify inspection, but if there’s a problem with a piece of equipment, you can log the problem and your chief or maintenance officer will be alerted.

What good is a checklist if there’s no way to view the status of items or vehicles? Public Safety Check provides a robust reporting system on equipment and vehicle checks and allows you to download the information digitally. If a paper filing system is your department’s preferred method of file storage, the platform provides an easy way to print in an easily readable format.

We’ve packed as much functionality into this software as you’d need, and we believe it is the best option out there to record and monitor the status of your department. Don’t take our word for it, though, request a demonstration of our powerful Public Safety Check platform.

If you’ve already decided that your department needs it, Contact John Hussar by email at jhussar@greygoosegraphics.com or dial 607-743-3509 for a price quote for your department.