Electronic Patient Care Reporting and Data Collection

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Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) technology leader OPEN incorporated (DBA 'SafetyPAD'), is pleased to have the opportunity to propose SafetyPAD®, a highly robust, advanced ePCR and HIE technology solution for the members of Savvik Buying Group.

OPEN has been developing highly successful electronic EMS informatics solutions for more than 20 years. Since 1996, various dramatically improved generations and derivatives of SafetyPAD software and technology have been successfully deployed at numerous high-performance EMS services, effectively capturing and managing more than 20-million EMS patient encounters electronically.

In the United States, SafetyPAD currently serves:

  • The largest EMS provider in 6 of the top 15 Metro areas in the United States
  • 5 of the top 15 most densely populated areas
  • 6 of the 30 largest EMS departments (and growing)

Savvik Buying Group members are offered the SafetyPAD system and its numerous features along with expansive integration to many of the components requested by agencies across the country with numerous core interface elements in production available today.

Savvik Buying Group Pricing under this model also:

  • INCLUDES the use of the SafetyPAD’s ‘HEART’ Hospital Exchange And Records Transfer
  • INCLUDES unlimited access to various SafetyPAD system components and features covered later in this Appendix.
  • INCLUDES a CAD, State NEMSIS, and ECG (Physio 12/15, Philips MRx, Zoll e and m series Interface
  • INCLUDES extensive mobile and backend user training to ensure success. Pricing based on days on-site requirements.

Key Solution Highlights Summary

  • Hosted, secure cloud-based system with extensive redundancies to ensure optimal stability and up time.
  • Unlimited licensing and access to applicable SafetyPAD modules.
  • A full-feature Android solution.
  • NEMSIS 2.2 and 3.x -compliant collection and extract delivery to the State
  • Substantial flexibility for the agency to shape the collection process for a variety of emergent and non-emergent EMS encounter scenarios as well as the ability to support the data management of patient follow up visits, all within the same flexible SafetyPAD platform
  • Various features including patient lookups, driver’s licensing scanning, patient transfers, digital camera and medical device integration, auto-faxing and more
  • Seamless integration with the agencies CAD system using SafetyPAD’s Dispatch API standard, including automatic wireless delivery of dispatch details
  • Optimize resource utilization as well as improve quality of care and performance KPIs.
  • Vastly expanded compliance to the agency protocols via SafetyPAD’s innovative client configurable questions and answers and revolutionary Protocol based to-do list. SafetyPAD also offers nearly unlimited yet tightly integrated customer-driven clinical research capabilities and support of the broad spectrum of research, studies, and community outreach programs and support meeting agency objective for improving quality of care
  • Expanded receiving facility data access, disaster management, syndromic surveillance and operational/clinical alerting (ideal for timely awareness of H1N1, Ebola, etc), patient tracking, analysis, data management, and communications capabilities via SafetyPAD’s Enterprise Agent and MCI/patient management technologies, unique in the EMS informatics industry
  • Enterprise-wide SafetyPAD mobile and backend licenses for the agency, providing staff and other stakeholders with secure, highly configurable access
  • SafetyPAD’s HEART (Hospital Exchange and Record Transfer) This Electronic Health Information Exchange tool sets the stage to enable complete integration into the hospital or care facility’s own electronic systems for notifications and patient information delivery as well as patient demographic/billing and outcome sharing. This empowers each care facility to securely ‘pull/push’ appropriate data directly from/to SafetyPAD. agency controls the rights; agency controls what each facility can access. Minimize the need to send reports or reprint patient care reports… hospitals and other care facilities can ‘pull’ them on their own.
  • Expansive tablet management features, including tools to view each mobile device’s dispatch status, latest update, etc, as well as extensive support of the latest mobile device technology.
  • Robust reporting and analysis to continue to ensure that agency is performance measured, quality assured and medically focused.
  • QA/QI using 'CaseFlow' quality control workflow manager, integrated with SafetyPAD web-based 'Enterprise Agent' , allowing agency to establish comprehensive rules of automatic distribution and routing of any applicable case to staff (supervisors, QA, medical directors, field staff, etc.) for web-based review, annotation, approval/rejection/etc.
  • Enhanced clinical and operational compliance and revenues through comprehensive data collection, embedded business rules and agency -driven logic.
  • SafetyPAD CAD reconciler (for comprehensive incident accuracy). The reconciler ensures that each report is captured and sent and operationally accurate.
  • Quick access to web-based backend components with minimal configuration.
  • Auto-fax automatically faxes every transport run to the destination specified on the report, no need for any human intervention. Manual faxing from tablets also is a simplified process as well as field or hospital ePCR printing.
  • Comprehensive monitor/defibrillator interface (Philips MRx, as well as Physio and Zoll)
  • Simple-to-use wireless patient transfer of care between units
  • High availability backend operating under a redundant, virtualized environment
  • Reliable, highly available, and secure with minimal maintenance

SafetyPAD customer-partners have experienced dramatic and positive impacts on documentation completeness, process management, and billable reports, with many experiencing improvements in those areas by multiples of 2 - 3 x!

SafetyPAD believes that it differentiates itself in the ePCR industry by focusing on being a true solution provider to each partner agency, not by simply providing a shrink-wrap ePCR system. We take tremendous pride in working closely with each agency to understand its unique requirements to ensure that the system is a true solution both during initial deployment as well as on an ongoing basis. SafetyPAD does not have hundreds of sites to manage – continually supporting this quantity of site’s unique requirements and needs would be challenging for any company. Instead, SafetyPAD’s approach has been to work as an integral partner and continually improve the solution based on feedback.

Member Details:

Vendor:   SafetyPAD

Product/Service: Electronic Patient Care Reporting and Data Collection

Service area:  United States, Canada & Internationally

Available to:  All current Savvik members

Current Contract Ends:  August 26, 2017

More Information:

For more information or toplace an order, please contact:

Mike Vukovich


SafetyPAD (oPEN incorporated)

7760 France Avenue South, 11th Floor

Minneapolis, MN 55435



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