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LegalShield ( can offer both Identity Theft and/or Legal Coverage both collectively or independently.

For the past 40 years, LegalShield has been offering a provider attorney network for both businesses, individuals and families. The dedicated provider network means that each client has an experienced attorney to address any and all questions specific to their business and/or personal issues. Some Attributes of the invaluable program are as follows:

  • Affordability
  • Advanced Payouts: Legal Shield pays to their member law firms over $100 million upfront for their services. Thus our clients are well serviced.
  • Seasoned Attorneys: Average tenure of each attorney is 8 years
  • Length of Time with LS: Average tenure of each law firm with Legal Shield is 14 years
  • Stringently vetted: Each Law firm must be in good standing with State Insurance Dept in each state and are then vetted by Legal Shield for standard expectations, empathy and sensitivity to the myriad of cultures that Legal Shield represents.
  • Closed Panel: Dedicated service. Not a directory that someone has to call into to identify which law firm will take their case. In essence, a client knows who their law firm is and what number to call.
  • Proprietary software to monitor service:  Legal Shield has integrated software at all our dedicated provider law firms nationally to monitor 24 hour service to ensure a World Class Customer Service.

Identity Theft: The IDT program is offered through Kroll( which happens to be one of the only companies that Federal, State and Local Agencies as well as International Organizations use when it comes to cybercrime and identity theft. The most compelling values of the offering is:

  • The full restoration of a victim's identity to the status prior to the breach
  • The plan designs are inclusive of the restoration as well and monitoring services

Highest level of guarantee in the industry at $5 million.

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Vendor:  LegalShield

Product/Service: Identity Theft and/or Legal Coverage

Service area:  United States, Canada & Internationally 

Available to:  All current Savvik members

Current Contract Ends:  Ongoing

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