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Financing Information

Grainger is pleased to offer Open Account Billing to qualified customers upon Credit Approval.  Please call 800-GRAINGER      (472-4643) for further information or to apply for an open line of credit.

To get the Savvik National Discount on your Grainger Open Account do the following:

  1. Call Grainger @ 800-GRAINGER (472-4643) and set up your account.  (if you already have a Grainger account set up go to set 2)
  2. When you get your nine-digit Grainger account number email or call Savvik with your details.
  3. Savvik will get your Grainger account loaded with Savvik discounted pricing (it should take 24-48 hours)
  4. Savvik will contact you after the pricing is loaded

If you would like to shop Grainger using your Credit Card (Taxable) in our Savvik Store please follow the directions in the green box below.

How to get started:

1. Go to our Savvik Online Store (login required) in the top menu bar

2. Click on the Grainger vendor link on the left

3. Confirm your shipping address (or add a new address)

4. Click on the blue box marked "Go to Grainger Catalog"

5. You now have access to 1.6 million items (contract price is already loaded), publicly bid and awarded, interlocal agreements welcome.

7. Begin shopping!

8. If you need a special quote CLICK HERE or call Jason Diaz 608-345-4083

If you would like to connect your current Grainger account to our contract please call us at 1-888-603-4426

Savvik Benefits

  • No minimum order requirements
  • One-stop purchasing
  • Pre-paid freight on orders shipped via ground transportation
  • Same-day shipping on 99% of in-stock items
  • Access to more than 1.6 million items
  • 24/7 online ordering at®

Savvik Pricing Arrangements:  

Grainger, Savvik™ and National IPA have partnered together to provide a comprehensive Contract for Maintenance, Repair and Operational Supplies to Savvik’s current and future members. National IPA is a leading cooperative purchasing company with the specific purpose of reducing procurement costs by leveraging group volume.

Grainger offers a deeply discounted program on Public Safety supplies and it is available to you through a national cooperative contract. You will get a minimum discount of 10% off on over 1.6 million products and up to 45% off on certain categories! Grainger and Savvik have established a Core List of Public Safety items. In addition, this program allows each member to designate their own Custom Core “Hot List” to help you save the most on products you use everyday.

Financing Information

Grainger is pleased to offer Open Account billing to qualified customers upon Credit Approval.

As your provider of facility maintenance supplies, Grainger offers you an extensive selection of products, plus a menu of services and helpful technical support.  This competitively solicited and publicly awarded contract held by the City of Tucson entitles you to special benefits and discounts, including the following:


Deep discounts on frequently used products, including:

  • Batteries & Flashlights
  • Cleaning Equipment & Supplies
  • Electrical
  • Hand Tools
  • HVAC - Air Filters
  • Lighting - Ballasts, Fixtures & Lamps
  • Material Handling
  • Motors & Accessories
  • Plumbing & Accessories
  • Power Tools & Accessories
  • Power Transmission
  • Public Safety - Fire, Police & EMS Supplies
  • Pumps & Accessories
  • Safety - First Aid, PPE & Signs

Additional Information

Other freight charges will be incurred for services such as expedited delivery, air freight, freight collect, sourced orders, export orders, hazardous materials, buyer’s carrier, shipments outside the contiguous U.S. or other special handling by the carrier.

In-stock orders placed directly with the branch or on® by 5 p.m. local time Monday through Friday will ship the same day within the continental United States.

Prices are off the catalog each price as indicated on® at the time of order. Discount does not apply to tax and freight.

Please call 800-GRAINGER (472-4643) for further information or to apply for an open line of credit.

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Member Details:

Distributor:  Grainger

Product/Service: Maintenance, Repair and Operations Products

Service area:  United States, Canada & Internationally

Available to:  All current Savvik members

Current Contract Ends:  December 31, 2019

For more information please contact:

Grainger Customer Service
1-800-GRAINGER (472-4643)

Jason Diaz
608-345-4083 (cell)


Be sure to state that you are a Savvik Member and provide your Savvik Member Number (top right of the web page)


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