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Injury Free is a hire to retire system of crew safety, risk management, patient handling, proper equipment use, wellness and fitness.  To accomplish all the above our system is customized to meet your exact needs, we do not sell you something you do not need.

Injury free is a blended system of web based training and live train the trainer classes. Price is based off of head count and number of classes, this is determined via a needs analysis call with one of our expert consultants.

  1. Injury free Learning management system is normally $25.00 per employee, Savvik members receive a 20% discount per person, that means only $20.00 per employee. Each employee is in the LMS for a 30 day period annually, this keeps your costs down.
  2. Injury free Train the trainer live class is an 8-hour course covering risk & safety principles, organizational change drills, technique mastery and instructor methodologies. This live class also consists of deeper policy consulting and safety best practices. Base price for the live Train the Trainer is $2500.00 (max of 12 trainers) Savvik members will receive a 15% discount of the total course cost (not including consultant travel to your department)
  3. We also offer a 3 day tactical fitness train the trainer for Fire and Law Enforcement, Savvik members will receive a 15% discount for this amazing hands on course with Fitness app!  Please contact us for more info on this class.
  4. FitResponderFitness App: We offer a fantastic and easy to use fitness app/website for any and all first responders who want to get fit, stay fit and exercise safely.  Savvik members receive over 20% off the annual price, only $100 per year and the workouts come right to your phone.

 What is Injury Free by Fit Responder: 

The Injury Free program by Fit Responder is a hire to retire system designed to improve first responder fitness & wellness while drastically reducing the risk of injury from patient and equipment handling.  Reduce pain, improve mobility, eat better, feel better and use awesome ergonomics.  From sleep to patient handling to fitness we will teach you have to survive and thrive in the modern world of first responders.

Injury Free is often described as a mix of safety training, risk management, insurance, wellness, pre-hospital patient handling injury prevention & fitness; we help you find and fix problems you did not even know you had. We have been helping departments reduce loss & cut costs for over a decade.

The Injury Free system is a scientifically accurate, evidence based system of risk reduction used by fire-rescue, ems & law enforcement departments nationally.  Developed with a sports medicine foundation we understand that pain is often a limiting factor in adhering to a wellness program.  Add poor mobility and bad sleep into the mix and there is a reason that the comment we hear from every department is "where was this program before I hurt my back"  "where were you before I gained 30 pounds and lost the ability sleep."  

Let's change your culture together and let’s STOP the CHURN of injury, overtime, staffing, turnover, morale and wellness hurting most departments.

To learn more & find out if the Injury Free program is right for your department visit us online at or email founder Bryan Fass at 888-529-0921.

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Product/Service: Injury Prevention Systems

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For more information or to place an order, please contact:

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