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Feedback Innovations mission is to help drive improvement of pre-hospital care by providing business intelligence for ambulance services regarding the satisfaction of their patients.  Data is gathered through a HIPAA compliant survey process, where patients respond to a set of questions via hardcopy or electronic survey.  The data is compiled and turned into actionable business intelligence for our clients by comparing each service’s scores against the Feedback Innovations national databases.  Feedback Innovations has developed benchmarks for the ambulance industry in general as well as for specific markets (private, municipal, and hospital based services).  Each service’s scores are kept confidential.  Benchmarking in this manner allows our clients to focus resources efficiently at improving specific areas.

The most powerful tool Feedback Innovations provides its clients is access to our custom reporting site.  We have developed secure proprietary software that allows customers to create real time custom reports, with user-defined parameters.  Access to our system is gained from our home page via unique HIPAA compliant passwords.  The advantage of our software is that it allows multiple users to gain access to data to analyze it according to their particular needs.  Queries of the data can be done with one or multiple filters set in order to develop detailed intelligence.  For example, users can enter a query to get information on the performance of ambulance #7 with pain control of women aged 40-49.  This type of detail allows our clients to determine their strengths and weaknesses in order to target improvements. By using this tool, clients do not need one-size fits all improvement plans, but instead can efficiently and effectively target improvements.

In addition to the custom reporting site, our clients are provided with the following standard reports:

  • Vital Signs Report:  This quarterly report is designed in an “at-a-glance” format which allows non-specialists to identify and assimilate complex statistical information rapidly.  The report begins with demographic information about the patients surveyed, such as age ranges and gender.  It then details the scores for each of six categories and all twenty-one questions.  In this report the service’s score is graphically displayed in comparison to the industry benchmark for each section and question.  Using this report, Feedback clients focus their valuable resources by addressing those areas recognized by patients as needing improvement.  The report is delivered once per quarter in January (for Oct, Nov and Dec); April (Jan, Feb, Mar); July (for Apr, May, Jun); October (Jul, Aug, Sept).
  • Comments Report: This quarterly report is a culmination of all comments made by patients on their surveys over the previous quarter.  The comments are associated with a transport date and run number so they can be tied back to specific calls.  This allows for follow-up investigation into possible issues.  However, about 90% of all comments are positive, so usually this report is used to provide individual employees with positive feedback.  It is a way to provide “thanks” in what has typically been referred to as a “thankless” job.  The report is delivered once per quarter in March (for Dec, Jan, Feb); June (for Mar, Apr, May); September (for June, July, Aug); December (for Sep, Oct, Nov).
  • Annual Report: Feedback provides clients with two options for which Annual Report they would like to receive. The first is a culmination of all the data for the previous year compared to the industry benchmark.  The second option is an employee report.  In this report a score is determined for each employee based on survey responses related to runs that employee was on over the last year.  This report has numerous possible uses, including in employee incentive programs, merit based compensation systems, and the disciplinary process. It is delivered in February for the previous calendar year.

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Feedback Innovations, LLC
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