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The Commercial Fleet solution for Digital Video
Digital Ally™ provides commercial fleets and commercial
fleet managers with the digital video tools they need
to increase driver safety, track assets in real-time and
minimize the company’s liability risk all while enabling
your managers to operate the fleet at an optimal level.
With features and capabilities that are fully-customizable,
Digital Ally™’s products are simple to operate and maintain
while being reliable and extremely durable.

True Video Solution
Vehicle Video Cameras have existed for many years but Digital Ally™ is the first to bridge the gap and create a true video solution for commercial fleets. We are the only video company that can connect In Car Video, Body Cameras & the back office software into one complete solution.

Studies have repeatedly shown that when video is deployed in a vehicle, driver performance and professionalism increase dramatically and there is a reduction in driver issues.

Fleet Management
Digital video allows your fleet to be managed and driver behavior to be modified based on the video collected through training. Never miss any event involving your vehicles or drivers again! With our industry leading warranty coverage, we guarantee that your in-car video systems are up and running so that your drivers can focus on doing their job and their video system will take care of itself.

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  • In-Car Video Systems
  • Body Worn Cameras
  • Software - Video Management

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Hayden Knott
Digital Ally - Commercial Inside Sales Cooridinator

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