Beyond Lucid Technologies

ePCR and Data Collection

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Beyond Lucid Technologies is a software company that connects ambulances and hospitals prior to the patient's arrival, and documents patients' prehospital care over time.

Member Details:

Vendor:  Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.

Product/Service: ePCR and Data Collection

Service area:  United States, Canada & Internationally

Available to:  All current Savvik members

Current Contract Ends:  October 12, 2021

Contract Number:  PSAI RFB 2018-08A ePCR and Data Collection

More Information:

For more information or to place an order, please contact:

Jonathon Feit, MBA, MA

Co-Founder & Chief Executive

Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.

Main: (650) 648-ePCR [3727]


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