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Featuring Long Term Care Insurance:

As you know, Americans are living longer today than ever before. Our average lifespan is nearly 80 years of age, an increase of a full decade compared to just 50 years ago. 

Unfortunately, we are not all living well as we live longer.

Chronic and debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s make it harder and harder for us to live independently in our later years. 

In fact, 3 out of 4 Americans who reach age 65 need long-term care services at some point in their lives. 

Back at work, many of your employees are now moonlighting. 

They quietly leave work early, come in late and utilize all of their paid time off. 

But it is even worse, because while they are at work they are preoccupied with their “other job.” 

Of course they aren’t really moonlighting at another paid job. 

What they are doing is caregiving for their aging parents and other family members. 

They are doing the best they can, but face very difficult circumstances.    

While your employees aren’t getting paid to do their “other job,” you are still paying the price of their moonlighting. 

Because you, their primary employer, are absorbing the costs of lost employee productivity.


How can you recover lost employee productivity?

We are excited to introduce our most recent addition to our Member Service and Insurance Solutions programs. Benefit Solutions Today is one of the largest employee benefit program distributors in the nation. While they offer many programs, I would like to focus on a special program for our Members, their LTC Outreach and Education Program®, which includes:

  •        Personalized Lost Productivity Report - determine how much your business is losing every year.
  •        Subscription to CareSupportNetwork - the largest database of free resources for family members needing in-home healthcare services
  •        Dignity for Life – a free book to teach you what you must know about Long Term Care Insurance
  •        In-Home Healthcare Evaluation - every employee can refer any family member anywhere in the country for a free personal assessment by a registered nurse
  •        Discount Program - access to affordable long term care insurance

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Get your business started on recovering your lost employee productivity with Benefit Solutions Today.

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