Service Categories

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Accounts Receivable Benchmarking




Ambulance Billing


Ambulance Remounts

Benchmarking - Free Service

Biomedical Equipment: Sales, Repair Service

Community Paramedicine


Employee Benefits

EMS Software, Electronic Patient Care Reporting, Billing and Collections


Entertainment - Theme Parks, Movie Tickets, Show Tickets

Equipment Service

Financing of Emergency Vehicles and Healthcare Equipment

Financing Solutions for Working Capital and A/R

Fleet Fuel Programs


Food Service Distribution

Gear - Law Enforcement / Fire / EMS


Identity Theft and/or Legal Coverage 


In-Car Video Systems + Body Worn Cameras + Software - Video Management

Injury Prevention Systems

Inventory Management


Legal Services & Seminars


Medical Supplies & Equipment


Mobile Video Technology

No Cost Anonymous EMS Event Reporting – EVENT

Office Supplies, Equipment, Furniture


Online Fire & EMS Continuing Education & Learning Management System

Patient & Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Payment Processing/Merchant Account

Pharmaceutical Disposal

Promotional Clothing & Items

Rent and Purchase Refurbished Medical Equipment

Rental Cars

Rescue Vehicles

  •        Ambulances
  •        Fire/Rescue
  •        Specialty Units
  •        Law Enforcement

Rugged Computers / Toughbooks


Subscription Based Patient Safety Organization (PSO) – EMERG


Uniforms and Apparel


Wireless Phones and Service