Savvik Heads to Nashville

Nashville is known for many unique attractions from The Grand Ole Opry to a full-scale reproduction of the Greek Parthenon. There are sights to see, things to-do, and even a one-of-a-kind, acclaimed Tomato Arts Fest every year. The “Music City” has wondrous, sightseeing treasures throughout the city. This year, EMS World Expo will be planting its roots in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee from October 29 – November 2, 2018.


With its focus on trending and modern curriculums and emerging EMS technologies, EMS World Expo still stands as the largest EMS-related expo event in the world. The event is hosted in partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), which altogether offers two days of interactive Pre-Con Workshops and three days of Conference Sessions and Exhibits. More than 5,700 people from 50+ countries gather to view an array of 360+ exhibitors during the five day educational training and evolving information sessions in the EMS industry.


The EMS World Trade Expo keeps growing to new heights every year, similar to the success of Savvik Buying Group.  In 1997, the non-profit organization had three members from its birth. Today, the prosperous company has over 7,500 agencies in 50 US states, Canada, Mexico, Columbia and a handful of provinces, which combine their purchasing powers as members of the Savvik Buying Group.


As Savvik grows, so do its opportunities with its participation in the EMS World Trade Expo 2018. Expect this year to be filled with surprises, from new unveilings of news to updates of the Savvik Buying Group. There will be new offerings and contracts to showcase at the end of the month as well as a rollout of a larger support vehicle. Additionally, its website will be under construction in order to improve user navigation quality to new and existing members. Be sure to visit Booth 1034 in order to partake in its new offerings and promotions during the weekend.


YaJagoff Media Partners Rachael Rennebeck and John Chamberlin will be joining Savvik in order to promote Savvik and the EMS World Trade Expo with interactive video content, photos, interviews and more. The talkative, upbeat personalities will be participating with individuals during the two-hour training classes with association leaders and showcasing EMS World Trade Expo floor profiles of vendors and existing partners of Savvik.


Mickey Schulte, Executive Director of Savvik Buying Group, says, “We are looking forward to the new changes of Savvik Buying Group and doing it at the EMS World Trade Expo 2018 is the perfect time to unveil the exciting happenings.”


Be sure to keep up-to-date with the exciting happenings and unveilings by following Savvik Buying Group on social media through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stay tuned for the growth and success of Savvik Buying Group through the EMS World Trade Expo 2018!


EMS World Expo 2018


Facebook: @EMSWorldFans

Twitter: @EMSWorldNews




When 1 + 1 = 10 !

The new and improved SAVVIK and UNA relationship is more than just 1 + 1 equaling 2! Certainly, both organizations offer their members group pricing on products that are relatable to their membership base. But there is a new exponential synergy in the updated relationship between the two organizations. So, why are they doubling down and making their relationship even stronger?


UNA President/CEO Anthony Clervi looked at the 5-year relationship with SAVVIK.  When he and SAVVIK Executive Director, Mickey Schulte, sat down to review their working agreement, both decided that it was a good time to go all-in with their relationship.


UNA offers similar types of services to SAVVIK as far as providing organization members group pricing, special offers, and preferential customer service for various services and products.  However, the relationship is far greater than just the 2 organizations coming together.  The purchasing power and the offerings to the members is exponentially greater than the sum of the 2.  


According to Mr. Clervi, “SAVVIK is our first entry into the EMS/public safety market and SAVVIK will be our only public safety partner. What I see is what the everyday person has going on. The EMS and public safety industry, in general, is a very much overlooked vocation. From a general public point of view, ‘we only care about you when we need you.’ We want to change that mindset. As a company, UNA loves that we can partner with an organization that understands and supports those in these under-recognized careers.”


What are the specifics? UNA has provided SAVVIK members deals on hotels and wireless services, for example, for the last 5 years.  The relationship then moved into an agreement for the provision of Medsurg supplies. Now, UNA has looked at expanding the SAVVIK offering even further into service lines such as website design and marketing support.  The bottom line, according to Mr. Clervi. “We love the mission of SAVVIK and we want to be a part of helping those who help others every day.”


More is to come from the UNA/SAVVIK relationship so be sure to use your login credentials to review what great deals we have for you, as an individual and your EMS, fire or law enforcement agency.  And remember, SAVVIK provides an opportunity for you to support your favorite non-profit organization, even your own, with every dollar that you spend!


For more, see video of UNA President/CEO Anthony Clervi, here.



I’ll Believe It When Ambulances Fly

When it comes to medical transportation, the possibilities seem to be endless in the modern world. In today’s globalized connectivity, the emergency medical transportation industry has been soaring to new heights, quite literally. The MedCenter Air Fixed Wing Program air ambulance program, owned by Atrium Health, has grown exponentially throughout the years, and the demands for this service becomes more vital every day in today’s EMS world. The Mobile Medicine division of Atrium Health owns all of its assets, to include four helicopters, two Citation V jets and two King Air B200 Prop aircrafts, as well as ground ambulances.


How can an ambulance take flight? One may scoff at this technological phenomenon, and say “I’ll believe it when pigs fly!” Well, Jennie van Dongen, Team Leader for Fixed Wing provides helpful insight into the reality of the Fixed Wing Program.


Starting as a flight nurse 10 years ago, van Dongen started transporting patients by air and ground through the healthcare system’s comprehensive transport program. This included the whole spectrum of medical transportation services, rotating modes of transport on a day-to-day basis to meet patient needs. The range of travel includes helicopter, jet and ground ambulances. Now, she has taken the reigns as a Team Leader for the Fixed Wing portion of MedCenter Air also including for Fixed Wing outreach and revenue cycle management.


Time and location can be of the essence when responding to the Fixed Wing transport needs. Patients utilize this program when traveling or living both nationwide or international. If a medical emergency occurs and proper care is not available in the patient’s current location, the Fixed Wing Program can act as a safe-haven for proper care. Patients in need of a higher level of care can access second medical opinions or have the opportunity of being closer to family during time of treatment through these adaptable resources. When a patient requires advanced care in the clouds for long distance transport, the MedCenter Air Fixed Wing Program can accommodate by providing critical care resources and clinical teams to provide all levels of care.


MedCenter Air Fixed Wing has a strategic focus on nationwide and international patient populations, and the aircraft travel with geographic focus on Canada, Bermuda, Caribbean, Mexico and South America.


Another specialty the Fixed Wing service provides is time-sensitive response for organ transplant recipients and for organs being moved to the recipient locations. Van Dongen says, “It’s extremely rewarding and gratifying to see our program, medical crew, pilots and maintenance team working together to save lives and impacting individuals for a better quality of life. It’s a huge component of the Fixed Wing Program.”


The overall division, called Mobile Medicine, also includes Carolina’s MED-1 mobile hospital unit that can be comparable to the size of an 18-wheeler. MED-1 is a fully-functioning mobile hospital that includes two OR suits and eight bed treatment center rooms. It can travel nationwide for disaster relief such as helping victims evacuate in the wake of a disaster. There is also a Community Paramedicine program that ensures patients have follow-up care post discharge to reduce morbidity, mortality and re-admittance to the ER/hospital.


Additional components of the Fixed Wing program include contracting with other hospitals across the United States in order to provide services for hospitals that do not have the resources for long distance transports.  Also, more stable patients can be transported by commercial airlines and this is a more cost-effective means of transport when air ambulance is not necessary. With the Fixed Wing Medical Assistance Program, medical staff are provided to stabilized patients and can transfer them anywhere in the world to receive the most appropriate care.


The possibilities seem to be endless with the MedCenter Air Fixed Wing Program. Including its division, having everything from mobile hospitals, to taking flights, to specialized services that offer all levels of care to meet patient’s clinical needs. People may say, “I’ll believe it when pigs fly!” Well, this outdated saying is in the dust as ambulance services evolve to new heights. The reality of the Fixed Wing Program is a dream come true for soaring medical technological advancements in the EMS transportation industry.



Which is More Complicated:

Understanding Your Golf Swing or Understanding Your Medical Coverage?

As an EMS administrator, you may be asked to golf in a few outings per year, maybe even your own fundraising event.  But often there is not even time to practice that slice or duff tendency because you have your head in the business, trying to stay on top of revenue cycle management, ICD 10 code changes, crew staffing and vehicle maintenance schedules.


In addition, as an EMS administrator, have you been asked by your board, your boss, or your staff to review your agency’s health care coverage? Maybe it’s the same answer! Because you have your head in the business, trying to stay on top of revenue cycle management, ICD 10 code changes, crew staffing and vehicle maintenance schedules, you don’t have time to take a deep dive into how to improve your coverage and lower your expense. 


This is not just a “new swing” at an old healthcare coverage problem.


The medTRANS model is much like a cooperative whereas the members own the insurance company.   In addition, this program has a 9-year proven track record of being more cost-effective than a commercial carrier. 


This is the chance to fix both, your golf swing and your insurance coverage, on Wednesday, September 5th, Savvik, and medTRANS will be sponsoring a "Get in the KNOW" social event at the TOP GOLF facility adjacent to the MGM Grand hotel.  With more than 20 covered employees and better health insurance options, visit the event and learn more.


Join the discussion, informally, and hit a few golfs while doing so! 


Click HERE to reserve your spot!




Consider Yourself Incomplete

Name: John R. Zaragoza

Title: Division Director- Department of Public Protection in the Division of Emergency Medical Services


In a world of constant transformation, change is inevitable. John R. “Z” Zaragoza, Director of EMS in the Department of Public Protection for Volusia County, Florida seems to be making the world a better place through his passion and dedication to the EMS world.


In his younger years, Zaragoza started his journey through the coal mining industry in order to make a living. Soon enough, the young, yearning individual found his calling through an unfortunate, catastrophic force of nature known as the Johnstown Flood.


At the time, Zaragoza worked as a part-time volunteer firefighter in Seward, Pennsylvania. The town had no EMS, and the closest ambulance was 4 miles away from accessibility. When the Johnstown Flood came in relentless, full force, there was no EMS to be found in sight. The lack of resources did not stop Zaragoza from evacuating the victims from the flood plane. His courageous efforts and determination to help the community changed his calling from firefighting to the EMS world.


Shortly after the flood, an ambulance was donated to the fire department through Catholic charities. The fire department passed the ambulance to the local ambulance service in town. John was the first person to be trained on the ambulance. He climbed the ladder of education and certification in EMT school, basic and advanced training as well as a three-week paramedic training in Wilkinsburg. He became the first of many achievements in his town by becoming the first paramedic.


Zaragoza says, “Once I was committed to the paramedic level, it was really what I wanted to do.” In 1982, he moved to Pittsburgh to pursue his career full-time.

Zaragoza’s passion for education and keeping up with the changes of the EMS world did not negate his compassion for human connection. Zaragoza was on a call in the Mckees Rocks for an elderly woman being transported to the former St. Johns Hospital in the Northside. She spoke no English and seemed agitated to what was happening in her life. Chaos consumed her thoughts during her treatment on the way to the hospital. In that moment, John reached over to grab her hand and softly held it in order to calm her nerves. Suddenly, a dense fog was lifted and she was OK. Though she passed away at the hospital, in the moment, the simple compassion for another human gave her peace at the time.


The best advice John has for people starting out in their field is, “Never forget where you came from. Remember your background. People get caught up in technology and the chaos of the world, but sometimes the best care you can give to someone is holding their hand. It’s a universal act of compassion.”


John moved to Greeneville, South Carolina in which he worked with a large group of professionals to move from traditional service to high performance modeling service. Zaragoza says, “Change is never easy to people but it was necessary for the goal and target in order to be more efficient. Working with people who are willing to change makes the world of difference.”


Because of his background in high performance modeling, John moved to Daytona Beach, Florida in Volusia County in order to be the first outside director for the county. Zaragoza says, “The only thing that changed is the trees and the sand. It has become the same motivated people doing the right thing to be better.”


The county receives 90,000 calls per year regarding emergency medical dispatches. The call volume is not going to slow down, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with high performance modeling while staying innovative in order to work with the available resources at hand.


During his off days, John enjoys golfing with friends and collecting antique bottles to decorate his office. Because of his strong passion for the EMS world, he finds himself absorbed into his work, but actively partakes in motivational speaking.


Zaragoza says, “Consider yourself incomplete at all times. There is no pinnacle of education and experience, and you should always improve yourself to be ahead of the curve.” 


In a world of constant transformation, change is inevitable. People have to stay up-to-date to current trends and educational standards in order to uphold what’s best for the proper care of the community. From climbing the ranks in the EMS world to educating multiple county’s of high performance modeling service, John R. “Z” Zaragoza is a prime example of someone changing the world for the better.



Annual Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum to be held in Phoenix, AZ – July 23-26, 2018

For almost 15 years, the Emergency Services organization and consultant team at Fitch & Associates has provided an informative and cultivating forum for its attendees. For Fitch & Associates, this conference is more than just talking about healthcare and what differences EMS can make, it’s about networking and giving leadership to those involved in Emergency Medical Services.


Anthony Minge, Ed.D., Senior Partner at Fitch & Associates, has seen this conference grow throughout his years of directing, educating and consulting. Minge serves as the co-chair for the Pinnacle Leadership Forum and works closely with all of those involved. Minge explains just why this conference is so important.


“Pinnacle started and wanted to be leadership based and help leadership grow industry wide. [This conference] gives those in this business the ability to meet new customers and gain time with the decision makers.”


Minge also explains how the attendees will be able to hear from speakers and step back and think about their roles and how they can influence the EMS business through controversial and educational topics.


With the Pinnacle Leadership Forum always having great speakers, the attendance is even higher in Phoenix. This year's keynote speaker is John O’ Leary, motivational speaker and survivor of a fire at age nine, which burnt 100% of his body. Since then, O’Leary has traveled and designated his life to telling his story. Those in attendance at the conference will be able to hear from O’Leary and understand how the emergency services professionals truly helped him during his rescue and life afterwards.


There will be 70 sponsors at the conference giving all the clients inspiration, motivation and one-on-one time in an intimate and comfortable setting.


“[Pinnacle] is a cutting-edge conference where those involved can come by themselves or with their families and give them the tools to learn and celebrate what we all do every day. [This conference] really is unique and one of a kind.”



AIM, Online Software and Billing System, Partners with Savvik Buying Group

For over 30 years, Ambulance Information Management (AIM) has provided ambulance billing services to the national community. With a mission of dispatching, providing positive patient care charting and QA processes, AIM has serviced those EMS agencies who perform basic and critical care EMS.


Since then, they have teamed up with different service providers, including Savvik, to connect with the EMS community. Much like AIM, Savvik's goal is to bring the right and reputable materials to the providers of EMS.


Michael L. McIntyre, AIM Online EMS Software & Services CEO, explains how the company's process has come a long way from a time when computers were just coming about, "[AIM] has really been a labor of love. It's my calling."


So, to the common eye, the duo makes a perfect match. AIM's online software and billing system is used by many EMS billing vendors. The EMS billing software continues to help the business grow while the Savvik connection helps the needs of the pre-hospital Services with it’s give-back program.


McIntyre loves that AIM can contribute to the EMS community through Savvik.

"We are always looking for exposure. We love that we have the ability to get our word out with such a great channel partner."


Michelle Corey, the Director of Operations at AIM, explains that communication is key in this partnership as well as understanding the importance of time, billing and opportunity.


"We're fortunate to be able to build the community as well as communicate tips and educational material within the process."


Savvik is exceptionally proud to welcome AIM to their team. For more information on the mission of AIM and the partnership with Savvik, contact AIM through their website AIM-system.com or Savvik at Savvik.org.



Savvik Says Q&A Leads to Quality Assurance

Erlanger Health System in Chattanooga, TN. is a nationally-acclaimed, multi-hospital health    system known for its academic medical center. Every year, more than 600,000 people are treated by the team of healthcare professionals who are part of Erlanger.


Erlanger is the 7th largest public hospital in the United States treating adults and children, and is the tri-state region's only Level I Trauma Center.

As part of the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network that includes 56 hospitals with 4,000 participating physicians and clinicians, Erlanger has six LIFE FORCE air ambulances in its fleet, two based in Tennessee, two in North Georgia, one in North Carolina, and one in Winchester, TN.

According to Robbie Tester, Vice President of Operations, Erlanger Health System Life Force Division, dedication to improvement and quality assurance are keys to running a high-performance air medical program.

With quality assurance top of mind, the Erlanger Life Force performs six to eight flights per day and receives approximately 5,000 plus requests yearly. The helicopters are a sophisticated equivalent to a hospital ICU and is attributed for being the first air medical program to transport blood in its area. Critical patent care is provided by a critical care paramedic and a critical care nurse. One hundred percent of charts are peer reviewed which includes questions pertaining to the helicopter base’s accuracy of charting, as well as if standards on items like sedation and intubation were effectively executed.

“The air medical industry is constantly decreasing the mortality rate and not just focused on the transport,” said Tester.  “We are responding with medical and scientific assistance to change the recovery outcome and build awareness in communities.”

Tester restates that quality assurance is vital to carry out a multi-disciplinary plan of continuum care. Monthly meetings serve as a report card review regarding time spent on scene, dissecting critical care improvement possibilities like lab analysis results, and response outcomes.

“Quality assurance can constantly be improved,” said Tester. “But it also creates the truest accountability standard.”



In honor of EMS week, Savvik acknowledges the progression in the industry of products since its inception in 1997, but more important than the state-of –the-art ambulances, hi-tech communication software and even the boots to outfit the staff, Savvik recognizes the people.  Happy EMS week to all of the hard-working men and women in the world of EMS from first responders to dispatchers and every determined worker in between.  Enjoy a heart-felt story about how EMS changes lives.  Savvik says celebrate!                                                             


At 16 I said the words I love you to my parents, my brother, and maybe thought it about the Central Catholic junior I met weeks before at a dance in the Oakland gymnasium.  Then on October 30, 1992, I whole-heartedly proclaimed my deepest love for a man I never met until then.  But, he saved my life.


It was 7:42 p.m., PM Dawn’s “I’d Die Without You” was on the radio in the gray Ford Taurus when fear and uncertainty stymied the high school girl banter happening among the five friends in the car.   We were on our way to the Mt. Alvernia High School dance traveling the winding Evergreen Road, treacherous on any given day, let alone dark and rainy Devil’s Night.


We began to severely swerve, later to learn the axle had broken, causing us to turn into oncoming traffic, then flip after hitting a tree.  The car landed in a marshy creek on the side of the road on it’s side with me trapped underneath.  Adrenaline and fear overcame the girls who fled the vehicle, even flicking a cigarette upon departure to spark a fire near where I lay trapped, almost accepting that I was not going to make it out alive.


Within minutes, paramedics were at the scene dividing, conquering and attending to each of the girls who watched me lay there helpless.  Then, out of the crowd of EMT’s I heard, “Rachael, right? We got some new equipment, my friend, and we are using it to get you the hell out of here.  Just hold tight and trust me, okay? By the way, I am Larry Barnes.”


Little did I know that the Ross/West View EMS team had just invested in the rescue tool known as the Jaws of Life. The hydraulic-type tool dug below where I was laying and sprung me out of the small ditch I was trapped in.


I talked incessantly about the accident, giving play-by-play details about the process of the crash, necessary facts about the other girls, and directions on keeping my mom calm once I was rescued. There was never a time I didn’t trust this man whom I never saw, heard, interacted with, or met before that night. I knew his name.  I knew he cared.  I knew he was going to spare my life.  I do not know how I knew, but I knew and he did.


I laid in the ambulance cold and shaking.  I insisted that Larry ride with me.  I insisted that he come into the hospital with me.  I demanded that he come into the exam room, and at that point, when I was told no, Larry said, “Rachael, you are a fighter my friend.  Good luck and be in touch.”  My answer was I love you, Larry.  And I did.




Products fuel services and services fuel the Savvik need. No one tells a better story about that process than Savvik, but what about the types of service Savvik services? For instance, how do EMS services thrive? Operate? For that matter, how does the process even start? The EMS process starts with EMS dispatch and diligence is critical.


The first call to action in a EMS patient care execution is the EMS dispatch call. That call is crucial in that it is vital for the EMS dispatcher to collect concise information to accurately pass along about the patient. While communications equipment varies, as well as software, within an ems dispatch center, the process remains the same. Dispatch listens to the need and schedules or dispatches the appropriate crew and vehicle to transport the patient.


Toledo’s Mercy Health-Life Flight Network combined three centers in order to achieve efficiency and dispatch best practices. They consider themselves a medium sized dispatch center and utilize a CAD system combined with secure pagers to efficiently transfer the patient information. In their peak time the dispatch center can have 20 ambulances and four helicopters in service, and Clinical Field Operations Manager, Chris Schultz is tasked with making certain that proper work processes are followed.


As part of their best work practices, “We, like many dispatch centers, require routine risk assessments for proper execution of ambulance dispatch,” said Schultz, who has occupied his position for a year-and-a-half. “We have at least six stations whose personnel can interchange job needs for accurate processing.”


Dispatch faces the constant pain across the board in the industry which is shiftwork and staffing. While it is mandatory to work no longer than a 12-hour shift, most dispatchers are scheduled for eight hours, it is also a must to have eight hours of off or down time until the next shift can be scheduled for the same individual. Healthcare has cracked down on this due to the constant fatigue factor that can be a game changer in any line of succession of patient care.


“Fatigue is a fear in every aspect of the dispatch process and among healthcare workers,” Schultz said with 14 years of service in the healthcare industry. “Fortunately enough people have spoken out to improve the work conditions and technology has played a massive part in bettering the system.”


At the new combined Toledo dispatch center, dispatchers are able to pinpoint cell phone locations and improved computer aided software can determine what type of ambulance should be dispatched, as well as what type of care is needed. These technological advances have helped improve time management of calls and manner in which service is provided.


Finally, the new Toledo dispatch center, according to Schultz, allows for improved redundancy. Prior, there were three separate dispatch centers each with 1 staff member during the night shift with no back-up. As you know, the redundancy is imperative for best practice dispatch.


Dispatch is only one process that makes Savvik proud to service the public safety industry. And this is only the beginning. We will be featuring more of the EMS process in future blog posts.





Consider LinkedIn the water cooler of all water coolers fully equipped with a first-in bagl. It is the business, company, organization hub that attracts and contains content from connecting vendors and manufacturers to trade articles that relate to specific professions.  It is new to Savvik, and it is easy to follow. 


While the buzz surrounding social media platforms has benefits to each including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, LinkedIn is solely for business relations and creates an easy network of business professionals who can reach out to other like professionals about related topics and share! This was also the next natural succession for Savvik to utilize.


Savvik Buying Group has mastered the connection of affordable products with people who need them, and LinkedIn best supports that process.  In fact, the similarities as a tool are uncanny based on the top five ways this social media platform works best:


B2B Networking

Finding vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and other third party resources is simple. The platform is designed to connect people and companies with like interests, and chances of finding a partner you can trust are greatly increased with the power of the network.


B2C Networking

Brand building is a vital part of any business plan, and a well-managed profile can serve as a flagship for branding. By keeping active and posting, brand building happens bit by bit, increasing likeability and gradually building the trust of the potential customer base through timely, relevant, and interesting posts.


Lead Generation

Networking with possible consumers by optimizing an account profile and company page, as well as consistently posting relevant and unique content, are both key elements of getting the most from the social network



Your dynamic and consistently relevant LinkedIn profile is sure to attract enquiries and applications from top talent who are using the network to find great job opportunities.


Customer Satisfaction

Finally, LinkedIn offers a perfect avenue through which to interact with your customer base, with surveys, messaging and comments. If done right, this can provide a perfect means for achieving great customer satisfaction levels and showing you are a company that cares.

Out of the pages of Savvik Buying Group. Have you visited our LinkedIn page? Savvik says visit!



A Savvik Member is a Savvy Customer

 The sales and marketing of any product is a check and balance process.  Who is interested? What is the hook to the product? When will the product be used? Where does the product belong? Why is the product of importance and how is it different than others like it? All of these questions play a part in successfully growing and selling a product.  Savvik proudly plays the part of an agency touting the benefits of their customer products, without the common woes.


The top 3 concerns for proper business promotion and marketing includes:



*lack of knowledge and talent. 


For Savvik, it pays to be a member since Savvik acts as an agency with its advertising and awareness capabilities.  Industry-renowned for its bidding accolades, Savvik is certain to be accountable for all of its customers strategically identifying the benefits of each customer, and product, without creating complacency.  Learning and knowing the positives to each of Savvik’s customers and products is key to properly marketing.  Savvik strives in accountability, knowledge and most importantly customer service.


Savvik Members start benefitting immediately thanks to the following savvy capabilities:

● National bid pricing

● Over 200,000 IT skus through Savvik e-store portal

● Pre-sales Support

● Custom quotes

● Free Shipping on orders over $750

● 1% rebate on annual member spend > $10,000


With a lengthy vendor, customer and product list, Savvik understands tech-savvy needs as well as mobility, so TKK Electronics was the ideal collaboration. TKK Electronics understands that not all professionals work inside an office building. When performing duties outdoors and in the community, you need technology that can function reliably in the toughest conditions. TKK specializes in providing customers with the latest in rugged laptops, tablets, and other electronic equipment for unparalleled rugged mobility providing the guarantee that your technology works everywhere you do.



Status of Your System’s Radio Communications

Certainly the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida has many facets to it as far as preventing another, similar event, and after-action items. From the gun ownership discussion, to the emotional healing, and on to the review of the public safety response.  In initial, unofficial, post-action review, it seems that the event may have overloaded the Broward County’s public safety communications system.  See story from Action News, Tampa Bay area.

“The radio system police and rescue crews used to communicate was overloaded, leaving crews unable to talk to each during some of the earliest moments of response from the Broward County high school shooting,” according to the story.


But how does a public safety system plan for such a large, one-time, event when trying to build a flexible communication system?  Let alone while living within budget constraints and allowing for peak radio traffic times in addition to the average daily volume of traffic? It can be similar to wanting to build a 58-lane highway to ease rush-hour traffic, twice a day on weekdays, but what is the rate of return on the extra lanes in the off-peak hours? What if we were to factor  the cost of building them and keeping them maintained? 

Bruce Moeller, a public safety consultant with Fitch and Associates, provided insight for the story, “even the most powerful systems will have their challenges when a crisis occurs and everyone tries to respond.”


How well would your system handle an event such as this? Is it flexible enough to scale up on such a large-scale response and then scale back down after the incident? What protocols do the communications center professionals have in place to guide them in taking charge of re-routing non-essential or common-themed radio traffic in such a large-scale event?


At Savvik, we currently do not have a specific radio/communications vendor plan. But, perhaps we should scale-up our discussions for such support.  As members, what vendors have you found to be the most helpful in helping you plan a scalable communications system vs. simply selling you the latest/greatest technology that spends every dime of your budget target?


We would like to hear from you about how we can help with your radio/communications needs. Email us office@savvik.org and let us know what might be helpful as far as helping to plan and purchase radio and other communications systems.






Henry Schein is a company title that has become a headline of its own. Like: Lots of reasons to 'shine the light' on Henry Schein.  Two names with one powerful punch. The name, the myth, the company. Whatever headline is chosen, Savvik Buying Group is proud of its national contract to support 200,000 medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals for membership. 


While Savvik proudly recommends all of its vendors, Henry Schein is a 10 billion dollar, Fortune 500 company that has distributions centers all over the United States. Plus, Henry Schein boasts that 97% of all orders arrive in 2 days or less.  Henry Schein, Inc. is the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners, and employs approximately 18,000 Team Schein Members serving more than one million customers.  Henry Schein operates through a centralized and automated distribution network, with a selection of more than 100,000 branded products and Henry Schein private-brand products in stock, as well as more than 150,000 additional products available as special-order items.


But this viable vendor has helped the Savvik Buying Group grow its members to 7,000 plus.  In fact, here are a few safe bets with a Savvik contract:


*Our cooperative contract allows members to use our contract hassle-free with the bidding process

*Savvik will assist in every step of the way to make your experience as smooth as possible

*The real beauty of this contract is that there are no commitments you have to make, EVER

*Use the contract at your leisure; buy just the items you need without having to give us your independence

*As simple as sending the supply list to Savvik and learning how to save money!


It's no surprise that Savvik says save with Schein!





While Savvik says to shop online and shop often, our vastly growing buying group is simply on target with what is considered the norm, especially moving into 2018.  With one day leading into the next, and not a typical start and end to shifts, Savvik is aware of the importance of catering to the needs of those in the EMS industry.


On a recent top 5 list, Forbes explains that we are used to supercomputers in our pockets and consider item availability to be second nature, considering what seems like limitless inventory and an easy delivery process on just about anything. Providers, like Savvik, are finding increasingly creative ways to raise the bar and and realize that simply putting ‘stuff’ on shelves no longer cuts it.  Same as just leaving products on a site with no description or collaborative effort to engage others.  Luckily, 2018 is pegged as the year that online buying overtakes shopping.


Below are the 5 ways online shopping will change your customers lives:


5.  Experiential shopping, minus the gimmicks: Retailers that are winning in the realm of experiential shopping are doing their homework to ensure the experiences offer real value to their core clientele.


4. Next level personalization: By leveraging rich customer data, plus the rise of in-app shopping, means social media is finally bringing one of the time-honored traditions in retail online: the impulse buy.  


3. AR that’s actually useful (and AI that’s not annoying): Relegating digital agents to the grunt work, like sending out tracking numbers and shipping updates, is freeing up human capital for complex tasks, like handling customer concerns, dealing with special requests or building business strategies. Finally, human and machine are working in harmony to create a better experience for the customer.


2.  Mobile goes mainstream:  For retailers looking to keep up, embracing new technology like Siri, Alexa and other voice detecting options are key, and making e-comm on mobile frictionless should be priority number one.


1. Social shopping (finally) finds its niche: Fueled by technology, shopping is evolving in ways we couldn’t have anticipated even a few years ago. But for retailers who can keep up—and leverage new tools to give people what they want, when they want it—the promise may well be more customers and higher sales than ever in the year ahead.





2017 basically reinforced that Savvik says save money and gain reputable, reliable products.  Plus, Savvik said it was important as a member to log-in and witness the savings and vast array of products at your fingertips; and to do so often.  But let’s face it, we didn’t and we still don’t…at least enough. 

Savvik refers to this faux pas as a “password malfunction.”  This is a diplomatically correct way to reference the ongoing 'lack of log-in' epidemic.  So, in 2018, Savvik has already made the resolution to make your log-in process easier.  But, pesky password malfunctions can linger.

That said, with #7 being notorious as a lucky number, Savvik researched and compiled the top 7 reasons passwords malfunction:


*User hasn’t hacker-proofed it perhaps by leaving the website log-ins open and logged into

*User has the same password for multiple log-ins

*User displays personal information as a password

*User shares passwords with others

*User creates a password that is too short or too weak

*User stores the password

*User habitually chooses recognizable patterns


Thanks to Savvik, the process is simple and “password malfunctions” can be avoided.  On the home page when logging in, users simply click ACCEPT and they can receive an email verifying the correct password and/or Savvik log-in number. Voila!  Password malfunction crisis averted. Savvik says in 2018, resolve to log-in every day and experience the savings.  





Savvik Says combine favorite holiday tunes to express gratitude this holiday season! With the most-sincere thanks to our vendors, partners and members, Savvik extends happy and healthy holiday wishes and continued success for 2018!


This holiday season Savvik celebrates:


12 Resourceful blog posts

11 Successful conferences

10 Gold stars for customer service (or more but 10 sounded good!)

9 New associations

8 Tabs on the newly designed website

7,000 members

6 Letters (SAVVIK) of success with revenue shares


4 ty That is 40 or more field testimonials

3 Well 23% growth to be exact!

2 Big reasons we are here:  2 save time and money!

1 Online store!







Ellen and Oprah have nothing on Savvik Buying Group. While those famous giveaways have been notable and useful gifts, talked about around the workplace water cooler, Savvik has launched the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway and these amazing gifts also help improve lives.


From a one year supply of Digitcare gloves to Office Depot gift certificates, and Stat Packs to IDShield for one year, you can win necessary and resourceful products with extraordinary values just by registering. While the giveaway is only temporary, it is part of the new and improved website that has more functionality and navigationally helpful when searching for cost effective product by reputable industry companies.


From its step-by-step video detailing how to join, to its national reach, complete with a vast array of vendors well known to  the industry, Savvik is committed to saving lives while saving money. And with the new resourceful website comes a reason to celebrate the season with the 12 days of Christmas giveaway.


Savvik wants to share their product wealth with amazing giveaways and just by registering at the link below, you too can reap those benefits! Continue to visit Savvik at www.savvik.org  and search the most useful and desirable products produced by industry leaders.  Happy Holidays from Ellen, I mean Oprah, I mean Savvik!






Savvik Buying Group is wrapping up the 2017 conference scene at the American Ambulance Association Annual Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas. This highly anticipated conference will encompass proper hiring, managing, reimbursement development and policy.  Plus, Savvik is on site throughout the show to boast of its elite ambulance bidding program, as well as support its plethora of affordable products and resources.


The most exciting part of this show, though, is Savvik’s own Mickey Schulte, Savvik Buying Group Executive Director, introducing the high-profile Keynote Speaker, Mel Robbins.  This leading lady is best known for delivering one of the most popular TEDxTalk’s in the world: “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over”.


Robbins is an entrepreneur who owns and operates a multi million-dollar publishing and speaking business. Her phenomenal leadership examples have earned her international attention and the ability to train executive teams at The PGA Tour, Million Dollar Roundtable, PwC, CISCO Systems, YPO, Johnson & Johnson, and Chase Business. Robbins is most known, though, as an award-winning on-air analyst for CNN who drives millions of page views for CNN.com as one of their most prolific opinion writers.  Accolades seem to precede and follow this active social media darling who is recognized as “America’s Outstanding Talk Show Host” by The Gracie Awards, and has hosted original shows for A&E, Fox and Cox Media.  This astounding presenter has appeared as an expert on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Fox News and Good Morning America, is a contributing editor for SUCCESS Magazine, is continually featured in publications like The New York Times and Inc. Magazine.  Savvik is elated to introduce such industry royalty.  Please visit the website at ambulance.org for up to date information on the conference. 




A Buyer’s Guide to the EMS World Expo


EMS World Expo is upon us and #SavvikSays make sure you maximize your time while looking for purchasing deals in Las Vegas.  So many vendors to see in between classes, peer meetings and enjoying the city. 


As you know, Savvik’s focus is making your life easier.  In that vein, Savvik is making it easy for you to see multiple vendors all in one area over two days.  Many of our key vendors will be available to you in one area. See the schedule below and don’t forget lucky #1310!

But wait! Don’t forget your passport!  All conference attendees will be receiving their “passports” inside their conference bags at registration.  Make sure that you get all of the boxes “stamped” from each of the participating companies.  Once complete, you should drop off your passports at the EMS World booth by end of the day on Thursday to be eligible for the prizes. 

Savvik will have another 50” television available as a prize. 


So, make sure you stop by the Savvik booth, #1310 to get your passport stamped, get logged in to our online store AND be sure to come to our vendor meet-up Wednesday and Thursday mornings.


See you in Las Vegas!






Some desks are covered with yellow stick-it notes with odd sayings like snoopy olives or Florida 1978. Many drawers, and even pockets and purse compartments, have old dog names and street addresses on the back sides of gum wrappers.


They are reminders that all are written with good intentions, yet never looked at or used. Savvik is well aware of the member login debacle we all face. So thank Savvik for not only being the leader in affordable and effective products, vendors and supplies within the EMS world, but also for eliminating log-in woes!


Now, you can simply click on the upper right-hand corner of the savvik.org home page and enter your information. You will be prompted with your correct credentials to have access to money-saving products and vendors, as well as access to the new online store. Logging into Savvik regularly will allow you consistent access to products, vendors, customers and fellow Emergency Medical Service provider testimonials to enhance and improve your lifestyle.


We can also give kudos to Savvik for eliminating the use of too much paper with its no need for post-it notes, thank Savvik for no complaints of clutter and eye sores due to the collage of yellow stick-its around the computer screen, and for giving our 24-hour, racing minds a well needed log-in rest. Make sure to check in with Savvik regularly for all of your EMS needs!






According to FEMA, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency, the agency and its Federal partners continue to mobilize personnel and resources to support state, local and tribal efforts throughout Texas and Louisiana. More than 21,000 Federal staff are deployed in support of Tropical Storm Harvey response. And this tropical travesty is not only wreaking havoc on buildings, vehicles and people, but weighing heavily on Emergency Medical Services and responders. 


According to the latest statistics reported on ABC, state and federal agencies conducted more than 122,300 rescues and evacuations. Those included more than 34,000 by the Texas National Guard and other state military forces and more than 11,000 by the U.S. Coast Guard. In Houston, the police department helped perform more than 5,000 water rescues.


These rescues are everyday occurrences and just a day on the job for many EMS workers, but national weather disasters as our country has recently faced, catapult those every day kind of days to heroic moments in time.  Savvik helps by partnering with the products and services that are guaranteed to work best in these times of need.  


From software dispatching service upgrades to ambulance part details, coupled with a better fuel efficiency, the EMS products and services have to be state-of-the-art in order for dedicated EMS workers to successfully add to the national statistics bettering this southern catastrophe.  Smart buying, smart supporting, and smart workers help remedy the chaos that has transpired in Florida and Texas in the last months. Savvik offers many prayers to those affected by the recent disasters in these states. 


9/1/2017                                     CONFERENCE SEASON HELPS SPREAD THE SAVVIK WORD


There is nothing more enticing than North Carolina in the fall.  The warm temp days begging for visitors to soak up the sun.  But to Savvik members it is more exciting to visit because it is the North Carolina Association of Rescue & E.M.S., Inc. Convention / Annual Meeting from September 7-9, 2017 at the Hickory Metro Convention Center.


The expected 400 participants will take part in exhibits, workshops, training classes, rescue & EMS competitions, a trade show, and listen to keynote speakers discuss trending industry topics. Savvik will be available to discuss the benefits that set Savvik apart from its competitors: the vast array of vendors, reasonable costs and consistent philanthropy to the industry it supports.


Expect resource materials including an up-to-date video detailing Savvik's mission, strengths, and testimonials from those who actively work within the field.  As the video exemplifies the active workers and their valiant efforts, the customer satisfaction is what keeps Savvik thriving.  This is one example of proven and exemplary customer satisfaction. 


“It’s a no brainer, by joining Savvik, we’ve definitely saved money on supplies we purchase, plus we get other substantial benefits. They help us tremendously by finding the best prices for what we need, and even helping with delivery of larger items.”


As a veteran participant, Savvik will be on hand at the conference to educate about its affiliation with specific vendors, our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, as well as supply choices.  Plus, if the Savvik knowledge isn’t enough, be sure to stop at the Savvik boot for the chance to win a 32” TV. See you at the conference!




Pinnacle did not disappoint. Whether it was to learn more of the ins and outs to the industry, to gauge how other leaders are thriving, or for networking capabilities, over 700 vendors and exhibitors experienced how to best catapult from an EMS leader to a healthcare leader.


For Savvik, the opportunity to meet vendors who continue to impress the industry was the greatest takeaway.  Featuring an ongoing video of real-life testimonials, from current day EMS and public safety workers, lured interested people to explore Savvik.  ZOLL is a classic example of a Savvik vendor with its leading EMS products like Automated External Defibrillators, Related Equipment, Accessories & Product Upgrades, ALS Monitors / Defibrillators and Automated CPR Devices Related Equipment.  These pieces of equipment are designed to meet today’s protocols while anticipating changing needs in patient care and delivery models. They are designed to maximize care for the everyday situations encountered.


Plus, by being a Savvik member, the ZOLL experience is discounted. There is a 32% discount on AED Plus defibrillators and on AED Pro defibrillators, a 25% discount on all accessories and disposables, as well as on product upgrades, and discounts available on multiple unit sales, among other discounts and savings.  ZOLL is focused on helping you improve outcomes with resuscitation and acute critical care technology. Its products and software solutions help EMS and fire fighters, as well as the military, provide life-saving care every day; something Savvik prides itself on. And much like Savvik and its goals, ZOLL delivers technology that advances emergency care and benefits patients at reasonable costs.


The relationship with ZOLL continues long after the Pinnacle experience, and the savings and reputable products remain with the Savvik stamp of approval. 


8/2/2017                                                                       Meeting Of EMS Minds

Pinnacle is here!  It is such a fitting name for the highest point of collaboration among various sectors within the EMS industry. It is not simply a trade show or run of the mill conference detailing all things EMS related.  Starting Monday, August 7, through Friday, August 11, expect seminars, in-depth workshops, presentations, panel discussions, participatory roundtables, and networking events such as meals, special meetings and receptions. The main conference kicks off Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. and runs through Thursday evening.


EMS chiefs, leaders, administrators, medical directors, managers, educators and innovators all attend Pinnacle and come from systems of all sizes and types, from fire departments and municipal third services, to private, not-for-profit and hospital-based organizations.


Savvik attends this epitome of EMS events to better convey its public service and cost effective message.  For instance, and first and foremost, Savvik is dedicated to improving the general wellbeing of the Public Safety industry. Through our vendor partnerships and give-back program, we help your work life balance; while you help your community. And we will proudly display a testimonial based presentation at our booth that best demonstrates the reasons Savvik has been the leader in retail for the EMS industry.


According to Anthony Minge, Fitch & Associates partner, Pinnacle provides an intimate setting for leaders, specifically, to discuss and develop the future of the Emergency Medical Services.  With such an evolving and news-making industry, it is important to bring the best and the brightest minds in the EMS industry together in a setting that provides a great experience for learning and networking.


“Exhibitors love Pinnacle. Everyone they come in contact with is a decision maker, and we intentionally set a limit on the number of vendors in order to provide ample time for everyone to have meaningful interaction with current and potential customers,” said Minge.


Pinnacle will continue to be the hub of education and progression for all Ems attendees this year and years to come.  See you in Florida!



Savvik Says is a potent phrase. It's demonstrative and declarative, and that's because Savvik has proven itself as a reputable non-profit company. With over 20 years of cost-effective, world-class buying power experience in the Public Safety sector, Savvik's effectiveness increases with commitment from vendor partners to provide Savvik members with quality products.  That simply means Savvik can proudly 'say anything.'


Savvik can say things like enter. Like win. Like repeat!


The industry's confidence ignited Savvik's passion to spread the Savvik word with generosity through its Dog Days of Summer Contest.  Through July 31st, over 6,300 members and counting are encouraged to enter to win a $300 credit from Hotel Engine, $500 worth of medical supplies, and a $500 grant from Savvik Buying Group.  Savvik says that three is a charm and encourages participants to register and try to win each day.  


Savvik is that committed to making its members aware of what to expect with Savvik's retail credibility. Savvik says to visit the website, enter to win via the short survey and registration, and repeat that process until the last day of July.  Not a bad act to follow! Pass it on! Oops, Savvik Says!


7/5/2017                                                     ‘SAVVIK SAYS’ THIS BLOG IS A MUST READ

'Savvik says' is reminiscent to that schoolyard role playing during recess in which one of the bossy-pant wearing schoolmates demands that the others execute sometimes difficult tasks; and with no explanation. The eager to learn, but juvenile classmates, follow the lead of  what to do, how to do it, and with no valid reason.

Fast forward to decades later in the world of public safety.  Savvik enters the life-changing public safety industry dedicated to improving the general wellbeing of public safety professionals with valid ways to enhance their professional and personal lives. That competitive drive birthed the catch phrase, 'Savvik Says', which is Savvik's way of making the public safety professional’s life easier from the preferred soap to use, to the state-of-the art machinery needed to thrive as a public service provider.  

Therefore, expect a series of powerful videos based on Savvik's beliefs of necessity to grow in this difficult industry.  'Savvik Says' simplify, which is the quest to find products and tools best suited to make public safety life easier from the start to the end of a shift, day, week, life, etc.  Next, 'Savvik Says' to be impactful as a daily mantra, and to always utilize the training efforts available to continually grow as a provider in any situation.  'Savvik Says' to make changes because anything can happen at any time, and as humans, we are not always ready or prepared for it.  So, changing means to evolve with new technology, and to be full of positive ways to change someone else's life.  And finally, 'Savvik Says' to invest, which is to truly commit to changing lives from our own to those in need.

This blog,'Savvik Says,' will convey each of these riveting messages through blog posts, social media, and the upcoming videos chronicling stories of actual EMS workers, as well as their opinions.  Stay tuned, because 'Savvik Says' validates Savvik's leadership role in this difficult and evolving industry. 




Since Savvik is helping public safety professionals, like you, find the right products for your professional and personal life, cost effectively, it was simply fitting to begin a blog called “Savvik Says.” For 20 years, it has been the motto and mission of Savvik to help in any way take care of others; make lives easier.  And that’s what our new blog will do as well.    

The ‘Savvik Says’ blog content will include information pertaining to the launch of the online store, details about products, customers and vendors, as well as Savvik’s take on industry news.  Also expect professional stories that continue to enlighten the public safety community, unique training methods and changes in standards, plus a notice about upcoming conferences. The newly debated use of the term “paramedicine,” the need and use for specific medical supplies and equipment, and training techniques to improve arrival times are just a few possibilities to discuss at length and eventually generate feedback from readers.


Twice a month, the “Savvik Says” blog will reflect and support the content executed on the Savvik social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  


While discussion opportunities are endless, the most anticipated addition to the Savvik brand is the online retail store, making shopping for quality products even more convenient.  In fact, Savvik Says to pay close attention to the box on the homepage to direct users as to where to expect the digital catalog of products.


In a world cluttered with competition in attempts to saturate markets, it is refreshing that Savvik has lived up to a standard of quality products and effective prices obtained easily.  That standard has helped Savvik thrive as an industry icon, and build a brand of value.  Consider Savvik Says an extension of that value. 


Be sure to check back frequently for the online launch and plan to read Savvik Says for all your industry know-how in the middle and end of each month.



Pinnacle did not disappoint. Whether it was to learn more of the ins and outs to the industry, to gauge how other leaders are thriving, or for networking capabilities, over 700 vendors and exhibitors experienced how to best catapult from an EMS leader to a healthcare leader.


For Savvik, the opportunity to meet vendors who continue to impress the industry was the greatest takeaway.  Featuring an ongoing video of real-life testimonials, from current day EMS and public safety workers, lured interested people to explore Savvik.  ZOLL is a classic example of a Savvik vendor with its leading EMS products likeAutomated External Defibrillators, Related Equipment, Accessories & Product Upgrades, ALS Monitors / Defibrillators and Automated CPR Devices Related Equipment.  These pieces of equipment aredesigned to meet today’s protocols while anticipating changing needs in patient care and delivery models. They are designed to maximize care for the everyday situations encountered.


Plus, by being a Savvik member, the ZOLL experience is discounted. There is a32% discount on AED Plus defibrillators and on AED Pro defibrillators, a 25% discount on all accessories and disposables, as well as on product upgrades, and discounts available on multiple unit sales, among other discounts and savings.  ZOLL is focused on helping you improve outcomes with resuscitation and acute critical care technology. Its products and software solutions help EMS and fire fighters, as well as the military, provide life-saving care every day; something Savvik prides itself on. And much like Savvik and its goals, ZOLL delivers technology that advances emergency care and benefits patients at reasonable costs.

The relationship with ZOLL continues long after the Pinnacle experience, and the savings and reputable products remain with the Savvik stamp of approval. 

Savvik Says Q&A Leads to Quality Assurance