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Savvik is a group of more than 7,500 Public Safety organizations in 50 states and several provinces in Canada, and several other Countries that have joined together to take advantage of volume pricing discounts on a wide array of EMS products and services.

Members include ambulance services, fire departments, first responders, police/sheriff departments, industry, clinics, hospitals & other related agencies.

Competitive Bid Process: Savvik contracts for EMS supplies and services are awarded through a competitive bidding or quotation process, ensuring the best pricing on quality products and services. Savvik competitive bidding procedures ensure full and fair competition, and, therefore, relieve our members—even many of our public members—of the obligation to conduct their own competitive bidding process.

Ongoing Programs: Savvik also has vendor agreements to help our members acquire products that might not need to go through the formal bid process.

Unmatched Value: Savvik has outstanding contracts with reputable vendors. These contracts will help save your agency valuable resources, but that is not all. Savvik will also provide you with service after the sale. Savvik prides itself on customer service both before and after all Savvik purchases. We will help you with any discrepancies in billing, equipment failure, vendor relations, finding products, and much more. Savvik is a one-stop shopping group that meets all your needs. We want to provide you with the right products – the right services – at the right price!

The chances are you know someone who has achieved significant cost savings as a member of Savvik. We’d like to add you to our growing list of members with success stories.

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