Who We Serve

Savvik serves the entire Public Safety sector: EMS, Fire Departments and Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, as well as, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools and other related agencies with products and services.

Unmatched Value

Savvik has outstanding contracts with reputable vendors. These contracts will help save your agency valuable resources, but that is not all. Savvik will also provide you with service after the sale. We pride ourselves on customer service both before and after all Savvik purchases. We will help you with any discrepancies in billing, equipment failure, vendor relations, finding products, and much more. Savvik is a one-stop buying group that meets all your needs. We want to provide you with the right products – the right services – at the right price!

The chances are you know someone who has achieved significant cost savings as a member of Savvik. We’d like to add you to our growing list of members with success stories.