Group Association Partners

Savvik Buying Group is affiliated with each of the following regional, state and national associations…therefore, if you are part of them, you are part of us!

  1. Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania
  2. American Ambulance Association
  3. Association of EMTs India
  4. Bayfield-Ashland Counties EMS Council, WI
  5. Central Ohio Trauma System
  6. Columbus Medical Association
  7. EMS Association of Colorado
  8. Florida Ambulance Association
  9. Florida Association of EMS Educators
  10. Florida Association of Rural EMS Providers
  11. Illinois State Ambulance Association
  12. Indiana EMS Association
  13. International Association of Flight And Critical Care Paramedics
  14. Kansas EMS Association
  15. Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association
  16. Louisiana Rural Ambulance Alliance
  17. Maine Ambulance Association
  18. Massachusetts Ambulance Association
  19. Medical Transportation Association of New Jersey
  20. Michigan Association of Ambulance Services
  21. Minnesota Ambulance Association
  22. Minnesota State Fire Department Association
  23. Missouri EMS Association
  24. Montana Emergency Medical Services Association
  25. National Assoc of Emergency Medical Technicians
  26. National EMS Management Association
  27. Nebraska EMS Association
  28. New York State Vol. Ambulance & Rescue Assn
  29. North Carolina Association of Rescue & E.M.S.
  30. North Dakota EMS Association
  31. Ohio Ambulance and Medical Transportation Association
  32. Ohio State Firefighters' Association
  33. Oklahoma EMT Association
  34. Oregon EMS Association
  35. Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin
  36. Rural Nebraska Regional Ambulance Network
  37. South Carolina EMS Association
  38. South Carolina State Firefighters Association
  39. South Dakota EMS Association
  40. Southeast Arizona EMS Council
  41. Southern Alleghenies EMS Council
  42. State Firefighters' and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas
  43. Tri County EMS Association of Wisconsin
  44. Washington Ambulance Association
  45. Wisconsin EMS Association

With the full support of the Savvik Board of Directors all membership fees (a $75 annual value) have been waived until the end of 2020.

We share revenue! A percentage of your purchases are returned to your organization to help support ongoing association activities.

If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact our office.